Legal graffiti in the center of Stockholm.

This is a project called “OMSTart” were the Stockholm graffiti elite will paint the round building at Slussen in Stockholm. The project is a part of the Slussen rebuilding  that is planned to be implemented in a close future.

I was very impressed by the skilled paintings and find this graffiti both exciting and stylish! Artists involved are: Ångest (Kaos-Vanals in Motion), Ruskig (Kaos- Vandals in Motion), Carolina Falkholt, Gouge (Graffiti  Cook Book), Ikaros (Overground2), Erse, Rolf CW (RCW) and Fits.

Initiator: Kerstin Simonsson and Stockholm Art

The "Round house" at Slussen in Stockholm's are now a thing of the past. It was demolished during the reconstruction of the  slussen interchange and everything associated with it. We can therefore conclude that these images are historical and we are happy to have taken the opportunity to document these amazing paintings for the future! Below is a presentation of the art project ..

A new art project, named Restart, has been launched at Slussen. In summer the public can see the street artworks emerge around the glazed part of the round house right on the lock, f d Kolingsborg. It began when the house was painted white, prompting some citizens to react strongly. However, it was a planned project related to the redevelopment of Slussen.

Leading representatives of the Swedish graffiti scene are invited to portray the circular art surface. The work has its origins in graffiti painting common imagery and everyone involved in painting, under, next to and over each other in a large collage-like works. When you see the work that was in any case I was deeply impressed by what this "Graffiti Elite" can do with paint cans. According to information I have found it is these artists who made the paintings: Anxiety (Chaos-Vandals in Motion), Scary (Chaos-Vandals in Motion), Carolina Falkholt, Gouge (Graffiti Cookbook), Icarus (Overground), Nug (Overground) , Erse, Rolf CW and Benefits.

Initiator: Kerstin Simonsson and Stockholm Art.

(Source: restart lock / Documents Press)